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Learn to Make Electronics Project using Simple Circuit Diagram

Welcome to CIRCUIT EASY schematic design. Easy to make Electronics Project using simple circuit diagram for Student, Hobbyist and Educationist. Get free Circuit and make your School Projects yourself.

Projects Using Sensor Circuit :

Clap Switch : Classical project for turning ON/OFF appliances by a sound of clap.

Automatic Street Light : Needs no manual operation for switching ON and OFF.

Electronic Letter Box : When letter is kept inside this letter box then a LED indicates its presence.

Rain Alarm : A tone is produced when wire is in contact with water. This circuit can also work for tank overflow indicator.

Heat Sensor : Simple but Sensitive Circuit for indication of temperature.

Temperature Sensor : For Detection of  Accurate Degree Centigrade by which you can make  many interesting projects.

Automatic Fan Controller : Fan automatically starts rotating when temperature is hot. Speed is also controlled according to temperature.

Electronic Eye : It can be used as an automatic guest indicator at the door, If fitted on the bottom of the door entrance. Once it is installed at the door there is no need to install a call bell. It can also be used at homes or in banks as a burglar alarm.

Burglar Alarm : LDR is kept at such a place that when thief enters our house then a shadow will fall on the LDR.

Touch Switch : A tone is generated when any one touches sensor

Fire Alarm : Simple Circuit for detection of fire

Projects Using Digital Circuit :

NAND Gate : Learn to make Simple NAND Logic Gate

Logic Gates : We have made Three Logic Gates in this Project = OR, NOT AND Logic Gates

Traffic Light : Timer Based Electronics Project for Indication of different Colors as signal to control Traffic.

MP3 Player with FM Radio:

Robot Circuit : Learn to make Microprocessor based Projects or Arduino Projects.

Using Seven Segment Display : – Binary to Decimal Converter , Decade Counter

Projects Using Power Supply Circuit :

Dynamo : Learn, how Motion magnetism and a conductor creates current

Solar Cell : Produce Electricity with sun light.

Rectifier Circuit : Half Wave Rectifier, Full Wave Rectifier

Charger : Simple and Easy charger circuit for Ni-Cad batteries.

Transformer : Simple Project to learn, how number of turns effects e.m.f

Transistor as a Switch : Determine the Characteristic of Transistor conductance.

Voltage Regulator and Calculator : Easy programmable circuit to control DC Voltage

Projects Using Musical Circuit :

Musical Bell : This Project uses UM66 for Musical notes generation and is amplified with a transistor and gives melody sound with a speaker

Four Tone Siren : Produces four different sound which is Police siren, fire engine sound, ambulance and machine g u n effect with the help of single IC

Misc Projects :

FM Transmitter : Simple FM Transmitter Circuit for receiving sound in FM radio. Transmission range is about 30 meters.

Telescope : A telescope is an instrument that makes a far away object look closer.

Using Fuse Tube Light : Re use your thrown tube light using simple and easy circuit.

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