what is a relay driver ?

Relay Driver In a low power circuit or a output from a Microprocessor is very low. It is sufficent for a LED to glow but to drive a high load you will need a Relay (Electromagnet Switch), and to give proper voltage or current to a relay you will need a relay driver....


Know what type of Sensor available in the market. Learn to use different type of Sensors like LDR, Heat Sensor, IR Sensor, Motion Sensor etc

Robot Circuit

To achieve higher performance, (Engineering Level Project) you have to use Microprocessor, which is commonly used now day’s in most electronics gadget. i.e remote control circuit,UPS, TV circuit, Mobile, etc.
Advance Project requires a versatile circuit, same can be programmed for different work and can be capable of sensing from surroundings and giving output by using all types of sensors or module available in the market for eg. Remote Sensor, Keyboard, LCD Panel, Ultra sound sensor, RF Data, Sound, Gas Sensor, Memory chip reader/writer, heat sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor etc.

Learn to Make Electronics Projects

Lesson on Electronics Project Hello Students and Hobbyist ! Basic Electronics knowledge: Before entering in the world of Electronic Circuits, You should have basic knowledge of energy. Learn how electrical energy is converted into different forms of energy ?  You...