Category: Power Supply Circuit

Transistor as a Switch

Aim of this project is to determine characteristic of a NPN transistor by varying base voltage and detect Cut-off Region and Saturation Region.
We have used a potentio-meter for varying Base voltage. After assembling the circuit use a digital multi-meter and scale mark the voltage. You can also attach a multi-meter permanently.

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Touch Switch

We can protect our product or thing by making them touch proof or we can stop any unidentified persons entry in our house by making door and window touch proof. This circuit alert us when anyone come to stole products from our house or touch any metallic thing at door / window or in side

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Solar Cell

The circuit illustrated here is used as Solar Cell. You can get plate from your old faulty solar calculator. Carefully dissemble plate with out tearing its 2 wire. Connect both wire to a LED through a switch. When Solar Plate is kept in sunlight and switched ON you will see LED glows .

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LED Driver

This lesson will teach you What are LEDs ? Why LED gets fuse or short (Damage) ? How to use LED in a circuit ? Learn about LED Driver. LED (Light Emitting Diode) are small light sources that become illuminated by the movement of...

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