Temperature Sensor

This project uses IC LM35 as a sensor for detecting accurate centigrade temperature. We can activate or deactivate a device at a particular margin temperature. For simplicity we have used 2 LED for indication  of both low (Green) and high (Red)

Magnetic Switch

Here is a simple Electronic Switch which can be operated by any Magnetic Field.  With little modification It can serve purpose of REED Switch just by adding a Relay Module. It can not directly drive electrical loads since their output drive capabilities are very small...

Electronic Eye

Electronic eye has much use in this electronic age, also Known as magic eye. It can be used as an automatic guest indicator at the door, if fitted on the bottom of the door entrance. Once it is installed at the door there is no need to install a call bell. It can also be used at homes or in banks as a burglar alarm.

Clap Switch

   Here is a Hobby Circuit for electronics hobbyists that can switch on & off a light, Fan, Radio etc., by the sound of clap. The sound of clap is received by a small microphone that is shown biased by resistor R1 in the circuit. The microphone changes sound wave...

Burglar Alarm

The circuit illustrated here is used as  Burglar alarm. LDR is kept at such a place that when thief enters our house then a shadow will fall on the LDR. A small beam of light source is also needed to supply continuous signal to LDR. For best Light source we can use...