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Lesson on Electronics Project

Hello Students and Hobbyist !
Basic Electronics knowledge: Before entering in the world of Electronic Circuits, You should have basic knowledge of energy. Learn how electrical energy is converted into different forms of energy ?  You should understand different term  i.e Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power etc.

After basic knowledge you can step forward towards making electronics projects.

Steps for making Electronics Project :-
Preparing Experimental Board for demonstration you will need base board. You can use plywood 3mm thickness of desired size. Normally we use 8/12 Inches. Paste one side with florescent paper.
Prepare Circuit :
Look at the circuit diagram of your project, If having too many components then you have to place tiny solder-able parts on a varo board (dot matrix board) and solder it using soldering iron. For few component you can directly place all components on a plywood and solder it using flexible wire. You can also use Breadboard (Solderless Board).
How to Solder?
 First make your soldering iron tip temperature enough to melts solder easily otherwise it will result in dry and weak soldering. For good soldering, use pointed and clean Tip. Use best Solder wire and Soldering Flux. All surfaces to be soldered should also be cleaned. Put Soldering paste (flux) at joint. Melt solder on tip of the iron and apply on the joint for 2-3 seconds. Your component will get connected perfect.
Tools for Making Electronic Projects or Circuits ?
General Tools for getting started with all Electronic Projects work are :- Soldering Iron 25 Watt, Screw Driver, Tweezer, Multimeter
General Items used mostly in all Electronic work :-
Flexible wire, Soldering Paste, Solder, P.C.B, Switch
Power Supply :-
Generally all electronic device work on low DC Voltage from 1.5 to 12 Volt so correct power source will be required. For exhibition purpose or low power project you can use pencil battery (AA Size) with battery container or use a single 9V battery with snap depending on your circuit. For multipurpose use or for your own experiment purpose, battery eliminator will be good choice. You will need electronic components based on circuit diagram. Identify circuit Symbols and buy components by its mention value.
* Many Electronics Project site gives you useless and meaningless project also they are not tested. So for beginners we give simple and easy  circuit to learn electronics.

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