NAND as Universal Gate

By combination of  NAND Gate we can construct AND, OR, NOT (basic logic gates) so we call NAND as Universal Gate. This is also true for NOR Gate. But we prefer NAND gate over NOR because of low logic effort and delay. For input level (High and Low) I have used 2 way switch and to test its output, LED is used.

NAND as Universal Gate Project

IC CD4011 contains quad NAND Gates. This type of CMOS IC also have buffered outputs which improve transfer characteristics by providing very high gain. Total six Gate is needed in this project  so I have used two IC. First IC is used for NOT, AND Gate and second for OR Gate. Two gate of IC are left idle. Other components are :-
3 Pc of 470 ohms, 3pcs LED, 5 pcs mini SPDT Switch, 1 Rocker Switch, 9V Battery with Snap and one IC Varo board.

NAND as Universal Gate Circuit Diagram

                                                                            Circuit Diagram of NAND as Universal Gate

Advantage: We can use up spare gates of bought NAND IC  for different purpose.

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